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Product Description:

The unique rubber molds can capture every detail and is a perfect gift. The casting toolkit brings fun and unforgettable gift activities to families, couples and friends holding hands to create priceless memories. Very suitable for anniversary,

engagement, Valentine’s Day, mom, dad, new parents or grandparents.

1. Eternal love


You can really feel the souvenirs and provide an experience that simple photos cannot provide. Our toolkit captures incredible details. Every wrinkle that appears, every curve of the ring, and everything else you like is very deep.

2. Unforgettable gifts

Engagement or anniversary? There is nothing better than giving them the opportunity to create unique and memorable souvenirs for special occasions!

What other parents or grandparents do not want to receive the exquisite molds of their loved ones to display at home?

3. Make your home more beautiful

The finished statue can be an excellent decoration anywhere in the house, can decorate our house, and let us feel everyone’s love at all times.


Bucket size: 13x12cm

Clone powder: 70g

Model powder: 120g

Gold powder: 4G

Silver powder: 4G

among them:

4. Operation steps:

A. Prepare clone powder,water and other materials

B. Pour the water into the container

C. Then pour the clone powder into the container, stir while pouring, and stir evenly in 60s

D. Shake hands and put into clone poeder(pay attention to vertical placement, do not stick the edge)

E.3-5 minutes to wait for solidification

F.Take out your hands after changing the color (shake gently to take out)

G.Mix the powder and water

H. Wait 30 minutes

I.Take out the model after solidification


Package content:

1X barrel

1X clone powder

1X model powder

1X gold powder

1X silver powder

1X sandpaper

2X mixing rod

1X instructions


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