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Excellent Bluetooth V5.0 technology: Built-in speaker, thickness is only 0.25 inches, the sleeper is very comfortable. The wireless sleep headset uses Bluetooth 5.0 version, high-quality chip, fast pairing speed, low power consumption, 10M wireless range, compatible with all Bluetooth devices. Even if the earphone is in the sports earphone, it can guarantee stable and clear sound and excellent high-definition HIFI sound quality.

Multi-function: Combine sleep earphone & wireless sports headband & music eye mask into one function. Our wireless Bluetooth sleep earphones are designed with a retractable headband to protect you from messy hair and sweat. The best sleep earphones for side sleepers, allowing you to fully enjoy the surrounds of music during exercise, business trips, exercise, cycling, fitness, and sleep.

Long working hours: Provide an upgraded USB rechargeable battery, charging for about 2 hours to provide more than 7-10 hours of playing time, plug and play. Let you enjoy the wonderful music moment at any time. With built-in microphone and volume control buttons, you can answer calls-you can make free calls and process previous/next songs without using your phone.

Easy to clean: Sleep earphones are made of strong and durable braided wire, which is very soft and hypoallergenic, can be stretched easily, and fits most head shapes. The Bluetooth speaker is fixed and washable, and the entire headband can be taken out for cleaning by simply removing the speaker.

High-quality price-performance ratio: Realize your best sleep through our sleep headphones, create a quiet and comfortable space for you, away from snoring, noise, enjoy your music time, and live a good life.



Bluetooth connection instructions:

1. Press the power button for 2-3 seconds, the red and blue lights of the LED light flash alternately, turn on the Bluetooth of the mobile phone, and search for the Bluetooth name “BT-03S” for pairing. If the pairing is successful, the blue LED will flash slowly. If the password is set to “0000” .
automatic pairing

2. After the first pairing is successful, the next time you play the Bluetooth headset and mobile phone Bluetooth, it will be automatically connected, and there is no need to search for the connection again.
pause and play

3. When playing music, press the power button once for the pause function, and press it again for the play function. When the mobile phone calls, press the power button once to answer the function, and when the mobile phone is talking, press the power button once to hang up the function. When the mobile phone is connected, press the power button twice to replay the call function.
4. Long press the volume minus “-” is the volume down, short press the volume minus “-” is the previous song.
5. Long press the volume plus “+” to increase the volume, and short press the volume plus “+” to enter the next song.

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