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PS4 handle dual charging is a product designed according to the charging requirements of PS4 handles. This product can charge two PS4 handles at the same time. Through the groove at the bottom of the product, you can more intuitively see the lighting status of the PS4 handle charging lamp. Standard With a DC5V input voltage, it is easier to obtain power from the PS4 host USB interface, computer USB interface or other 5V power adapter USB interface, without the need to use PS4 host equipment and its dedicated power supply. The appearance of the product is novel and lightweight, simple to use, convenient and practical, and it is a favorite of PS4 gamepad players.

  1. Instructions for use:
  2. Insert the USB plug of the charging cable configured with the product into the PS4 host, or into the USB socket of the computer and other standard DC5V power adapters, insert the MICRO male plug of the charging cable into the MICRO female socket of the product charging stand, and start to give its products powered by.
  3. Install the PS4 handle upside down on the product, and insert the MICRO interface into the charging slot of the product in the correct way to charge it. You can also charge two PS4 handles at the same time. The charging status of the handle indicator can be mapped into the charging groove of the product. Seeing the charging light display of the handle indicates that the product is charging the battery pack.
  4. The PS4 handle is fully charged, and the charging indicator of the handle goes out. There is no light mapping display in the charging groove, indicating that the handle is fully charged.
  5. The PS4 handle can control the charging status by itself. It will automatically charge when the battery is low, and will automatically power off when it is full.

Three, technical parameters

  1. Scope of application: suitable for PS4 original handle
  2. Input voltage: DC5V
  3. Charging current: 500 mA*2 groups
  4. Product material: ABS material.
  5. Wire size: The length of the USB cable is 80CM meters.
  6. Product size: 140*63*36 MM
  7. Product weight: 53g
  8. Product accessories: 1 charging stand and 1 charging cable.


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