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No electric outlet or battery needed.Pumping started shortly after sunlight hit the solar panels..It is an energy-saving solar fountain suitable for garden decoration,bird bath,small pond,water circulation for oxygen.Installation is simple,easy to use,as long as there is direct sunlight on the solar cells without shadows,water pump will start working in afew seconds.


1.Pump must be completely immersed in water,Dehydration will wear the parts of pump,then shorten the product lifespan;

2.The pump of this product is driven directly by sunlight and there is no energy storage in the battery.The height of fountain water depends entirely on the strength of the sunlight.When the sunlight is too weak,the pump may not work continuously,but will pump continuously when the sunlight reaches a certain high intensive brightness.Therefore,the product works best by placing it in an unobstructen sunlight area.Shade and shadows will affect and lower the pump performance;

3.Keep the water clean and check the mump regularly.If it’s dirty,it will stop the pump from working;

4.To clean the product,gently remove the filter on the back of the panel and then clean it.

Useful Tips:

1.It’s better to shade the panel before placing it into the water to avoid the air going into the pump,otherwise,the pump may not work well;

2.If the water shoots up too high,you can remove the cap on the spout.If you have a much larger birdbath in diameter,then you can try other attachments for different water shapes.Be sure to remove the existing cap before putting other nozzles;

3.If your birdbath has a rough bottom,you can use some pebbles to surround the pump to make it stable,so that it doesn’t flow around too freely;

4.If the pump can not spray,please take it out of the water and let the sunlight shines on the panel,then listen to the pump sound or feel its vibration to confirm the pump works or not,if the pump works,please place it into the water again,shade the panel or press the panel into the water for about 3-5 seconds,usually the fountain pump would work well then.


Solar Panel: 8V / 1.6W

Spray height: 30-70cm

Solar panel diameter: 160mm



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