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Compared with the classic ice pack, the migraine ice hat integrates hot and cold compresses, and adds a fixed anti-slip effect, which means we can wear it to sleep and get all night’s comfort. The gel cap for migraine relief is not only used to relieve pain or cool down through cold compresses, it can also be heated and worn on the head or face to achieve the effect of hot compresses to relieve pressure, loosen pores.

Ice pack band use for headache, migraine, cluster headaches, eye pressure, neck pain relife, facial cover relaxing when sleeping. Large coverage area, strong sense of wrapping, play a role in relaxing effect on the head, face, eyes and nose, help you through the pain days. The gentle pressure and black-effect of eyes mask make cooling feeling provides quick relief to your headaches, migraine, puffy eyes and pain from tension.

The migraine relief wrap cap made of soft gel and stretchy fabric. Safe, comfortable, smooth, cold and soft. Only 300g, it isn’t bulky at all. The gel ensures the hat is kept in a cold state. It’s also can be heated, refrigerated, not easily deformed, easy to carry and clean. Note that there is no gel design on the back of the head eye masks, which reduces the weight of the migraine gel cap, avoids unnecessary pressure, and also plays a role in preventing falling.

Headache ice pack is easy to put on and take off, stretchable, one size fits all. Non-stick design(Won’t pull hair), friendly for ponytails or long hair. The specailly design of a “V” shape hole for better breath and fit nose contours. Design block eyes light when sleeping and covers sinus area to enjoy the eyes therapy, and avoids cold ears. The ice headache relief wrap cover the forehead can be used sitting, lying down, you are free to move around.

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