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The style of the garden advocates returning to nature and natural beauty in aesthetics. It is believed that only by advocating and combining nature can we achieve a physical and psychological balance in today’s high-tech fast-paced social life. Therefore, the rural style strives to express the leisurely, comfortable and natural taste of rural life. In the pastoral style, roughness and breakage are allowed, because only that way is closer to nature. The materials used in the pastoral style are natural, brick, pottery, wood, rattan, bamboo,etc. The more natural the better. In the choice of fabric texture, natural products such as cotton and linen are mostly used. The texture fits the pursuit of rustic style without embellishment. Sometimes a woolen wall hanging is hung on the wall, and the theme is mostly rural scenery. It is indispensable that the rural-style living room needs to be greened to turn the living space into a green space, such as combining furniture and furnishings to arrange greening, or to make key decorations and corner decorations, and also to arrange along the windows, so that plants can melt in The living room creates a natural, simple and elegant atmosphere. At this time, inviting three or five friends to taste the tea on the moon, it really feels like a paradise.

Exquisite Workmanship: After multiple polishing, the surface of the cart flowerpot is smooth and smooth. Very suitable for terraces and gardens, very suitable for decorating potted plants and flowers. The rotating wheel design is convenient to move.
Perfect Decoration: It can be used in home flower pots to decorate your plants. There is no bottom hole, and the flower pot in the shopping cart can be replaced. Please understand.
High-quality Materials: Made of high-quality environmental wooden materials, with wear resistance and durability, and long service life.
Ideal Gift: The natural wood is a lovely gift for friends, family and neighbors. It will look great when planting brightly colored flowers and gorgeous green leaves.
Multifunctional Plant Container: Suitable for small succulents, air plants, mini cacti, artificial plants or flowers, etc. Suitable for storing office supplies and small household items.

Name: Wheelbarrow Flower Pot
Dimension (CM): about 45*19*20cm/17.72*7.48*7.87 inch
Color: wood color
Features: rural style, creative cart flower pot, as a flower pot display.

Packing List:
Wheelbarrow Flowerpot*1(Excluding Plants)

Our flowerpots do not contain plants for sale! There is no bottom hole.


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