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[Instructions for use]

  1. Time and date setting

★ The normal status is displayed after power-on. Press the SET key to enter the time and date settings, and set them in the following sequence

Hour, minute, year, month, day, week, etc., through the UP/DOWN key to complete the setting.

★ Setting range: hour is 1-12 or 0-23, divided into 0-59, year is 2000-2099, month is 1-12, day is 1-31

While setting the date, the day of the week is automatically changed from MON to SUN accordingly.

★ In the setting state, you can also press the AL key or no key for 1 minute to exit the setting, and display the currently set time.

★ In the normal state, press the UP key to switch between 12 and 24 hours.

  1. Alarm and snooze settings

★ In the normal state, press the AL key once to enter the alarm mode.

★ In the alarm state, press the SET button to enter the alarm setting state, set the hour, minute, and snooze in the following order

Music, through the UP/DOWN keys to complete its settings.

★ In the setting state, if there is no button for 1 minute or press the MODE button to exit the setting, and the currently set time will be displayed.

★ In the alarm state, use the UP button to turn on the alarm-like sign, and press the UP button a second time to turn on the snooze function.

★ When the alarm reaches the set time, the alarm will sound for 1 minute; when the snooze time reaches the alarm, press the SET button to cancel the alarm

★ Snooze interval duration setting range: 1-60 minutes.

★ When the alarm and snooze flags are not turned on, the alarm and snooze are turned off at the same time. Only when the alarm flag is turned on, press UP again to enable the snooze function.

  1. Temperature conversion

★ In normal state, press【DOWN】°C/°F key to switch between Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature.




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