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1: This rising sun shaped sunrise alarm clock will not be woken from sleep by alarming sirens, but will gradually simulate a sunrise wake-up light to help you sleep peacefully and wake up naturally. Multiple light colours can be adjusted and switched

2: This alarm clock combines sunrise wake up, sunset sleep aid, dynamic dazzling light, intelligent dual alarm clock, perpetual calendar and thermometer functions. With natural personalised sleep habits, it gently helps you relax before going to sleep. A large easy to read digital display can be dimmed or turned off completely so that the sunlight alarm clock does not light up your bedroom when you try to sleep and shows the 12 or 24 hour clock and the day of the week

3: Illuminate your space with soft, warm light using the wake up light sunrise alarm clock, with multiple lights for different atmospheres. A wide range of colours and preset breathing lights to suit any occasion or mood.

4: Different lighting effects can be switched, turn on the light and tap the RGB light button to switch the light colour, the current light enters the breathing light mode. When the alarm goes off, tap the alarm button to put the alarm clock into snooze mode. Brightness knob adjustment, rotate the button for phantom brightness, infinitely dimmable.

5: All-in-one multifunctional sunrise light alarm clock, combines all the functions you want – sun alarm clock, night light, digital calendar, room temperature and sleep timer – in one compact and versatile unit, this sunrise light alarm clock is suitable for all occasions; this light-up alarm clock is designed as a semi-circle, mounted on a base for an attractive look, perfect for illuminating any room and organise your area

Material: plastic
Size: 18.9*12.8*4.28cm
USB output: 5V 2A
Working temperature:0 degree Celsius-50 degree Celsius (32 degree Fahrenheit-104 degree Fahrenheit)
Display:LED multifunction display
Time display: time/day/month/week (12/24 hours)
Alarm: Intelligent dual alarm clock, sunrise wake up
Night light: Infinitely dimmable with knob
Ambient light: Multi-colour and multi-colour dynamic selectable
Wake-up light: sunrise wake-up light
Thermometer: Celsius and Wah Celsius selectable

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